Be Well with Sarah Moore

09 Sep 2019

Hi, I’m Sarah, Registered Nutritionist, busy mum and foodie. I am a university qualified nutritionist with over a decade of experience working in the community helping everyday Australians eat well. I am passionate about busting nutrition myths, fads and translating the latest nutrition science into practical strategies everyone can adopt. This season, join me and supercharge your Spring and Summer with my fresh recipes, tips and tricks to be the healthiest you. 

The transition into warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Ease into the warmer months with these helpful tips:

Even before the temperatures spike, you need to be drinking more water.

It’s easier to get away with not drinking enough water in the cooler months but start aiming for 2L a day now so you’re used to it when summer sets in.

Lighten up your new season meals by adding in more seasonal vegetables.

It’s normal to feel a little heavier and more sluggish after a winter of comfort meals. Adding in a cup or two with lunch and dinner will fill you up without overdoing the heavier parts of your meal. They’ll also give you a much-needed boost of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Stay tuned for all things food and wellness.

Sarah Moore (RNutr, MPH).