Halloween Essentials: Unicorn Bagels with Funfetti Cream Cheese

21 Oct 2019

This Spooky-Season, celebrate with the family with toasted unicorn bagels for breakfast! Whip up the coloured cream cheese the night before and serve on warm toasted bagels for a filling breakfast everyone will love.



Serves 4

250g light cream cheese

1 tbspn honey 

1 tbspn raspberry juice*

1 tbspn blackberry juice*

1 tspn blue spirulina latte powder (we used Mermaid Latte Powder)

2 wholegrain bagels, halved and toasted


1. Whip the cream cheese with a whisk or egg beaters until soft. Add the honey and mix again until well combined.

  1. Divide the cream cheese mixture among three small bowls. Add most of the raspberry juice to one bowl, stirring to make pale pink, adding more if required.
    3. Add a few drops of blackberry juice to the second bowl, mixing well to make purple, adding more if required.
  2. To the third bowl, add the blue spirulina powder, stirring and adding more as needed to create the desired blue colour. 
  3. Generously spread the toasted bagels with the cream cheese, alternating colours. Gently blend the colours with the back of the knife.
  4. Decorate the toast with sprinkles or edible glitter to serve.


*Extract the “juice” from frozen raspberries and blackberries by defrosting ¼ cup of fruit in a bowl. Remove the fruit and use the juice to colour the cream cheese. Enjoy the remaining fruit served with the bagels.


Stay tuned for all things food and wellness.

Sarah Moore (RNutr, MPH).