Top Tips to Design your Perfect Reading Hideaway

12 Sep 2019

Reading corner, office nook, book sanctuary… call it what you will, there are few things more soothing than spending an afternoon at home indulging in a good book. Australian Reading Hour is upon us!

To celebrate, follow these helpful steps to create a relaxing space where you can enjoy your summer favs.

1) Lighting is everything - position your snug reading chair near a window, then settle in under the warm summer sun and lose yourself in the pages of a must-read novel.

2) Introduce a plush throw and cosy cushion for a comfortable escape from reality.

3)Pour yourself an uplifting cup of herbal tea, perfect for reading past your bedtime.

4) Finally, surround your reading nest with a lush indoor plant: guaranteed to lift your spirits in-between pages.

Enjoy creating your reading refuge just in time for Australian Reading Hour on Thursday September 19th.