A List Of Back-To-School And Return-To-Work Essentials

News| 9th January 2022
A List Of Back-To-School And Return-To-Work Essentials
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With the holiday season coming to an end, it’s time to start prepping for the year ahead with new school and work essentials.

When it comes to getting your kids ready for school, organisation is key, particularly if you are also returning to work yourself. That’s why we’re shining a light on five key things you can do, with the help of our stores.

Take your tech up a notch

Make working and learning even more effortless, no matter where you are, with the latest tech. You can find inspiration for new ideas and encourage your child’s development through reading. A Kindle or tablet can put a whole selection of books at their fingertips, getting them off their phones and into a world of adventure.

Empower yourself with the freedom to work from any location by selecting a new laptop or tablet, ideal for working from your favourite coffee shop, the local library or even relocating to a new room in the house for a change of scenery.

Stock up on all the right stationery

No matter how digital the world gets, there will always be a need for the good old-fashioned pen and paper. While kids’ back to school stationery essentials will always include the usual staples of pencils, exercise books, rulers and erasers, keep an eye out for items like colourful pencil cases and multi-subject notebooks that will keep their stationery and notes ultra-organised and ready for the term ahead.

Ensure you also head back to work with the right stationery. Get on top of your workload with a diary or planner from Kmart, pairing it with a fancy new pen to make the new year feel a little more special. For extra organisation, invest in a set of post-it notes and highlighters as well, so you can colour code your commitments.

Find a new bag for all your essentials

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to upgrade your bags. As kids get older, they’ll need more pockets and compartments for devices, sports gear and heavier textbooks. Sportsco range includes a variety of backpacks for all sizes and purposes, with plenty of colours and styles to excite all ages.

If you’re heading back to work, maybe it’s time to upgrade with a new satchel or briefcase. The trick is finding the sweet spot between functional and stylish, something will be able to help you out with, thanks to their quality range of professional bags.

Prepare a lunch that packs a punch

Encourage healthy eating habits throughout the year with lunch box essentials and accessories that make preparing your meals even easier. Kids don’t always have the luxury of a fridge to keep their food in at school, which makes Coles freezable lunch bags a fantastic investment for the school year, particularly if you tend to pack fresh fruits and vegetables – an insulated bag holds the flavour and crispness for longer. 

Curb your vending machine snack cravings by packing a wholesome lunch in a bento-style lunch box from Kmart, with individual compartments that allow you to pack a range of bites in one compact container. Think fresh grapes, cheese, wraps, bliss balls and salads.

Look your best for your first day back

Once you’ve given your stationery, tech and accessories an upgrade, it’s time to give yourself some TLC so you can head into work or school with extra pep in your step.

Book yourselves in for a haircut at Lux Hair ahead of the first day. Whether it’s a fresh trim or a whole new look, giving your hair some love can elevate your entire look. Having the kids’ hair done and ready to style is also bound to make getting out the door slightly easier.

A new pair of shoes and socks from Skechers will help kids put their best foot forward in the new year.

Don’t forget to show us your return to work and back to school buys by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ShineBrightIn2022

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