Have you heard? Specsavers Audiology Now Open

30 Sep 2018

Specsavers has launched a new audiology service to customers, revolutionising the industry for the community by offering hearing aids and care at clear, low prices.

Specsavers Audiologist, Bhavya Srinivasa, is encouraging all locals who might have concerns about their hearing to book a free 15-minute hearing check.

“At the moment it takes most Australians 7-10 years to acknowledge they have hearing loss. During these years, I have personally seen so many cases where the individual becomes embarrassed at having difficulty joining in on conversations, so they back away from social engagement and start to become isolated,” says Bhavya.

One in six Australians experience hearing loss, yet only one in three does anything about it.

If you feel like your hearing isn’t as good as it should be the store is taking bookings for free 15-minute hearing checks from today. If further testing is required, comprehensive hearing assessments are being offered for $49. If you require hearing assistance as a result, Specsavers has a range of hearing aids designed and built by leading manufacturers, which feature cutting-edge innovations in hearing assistance. A pair of hearing aids at Specsavers starts at $1,495.

Specsavers Audiology is accredited as a qualified hearing service provider by the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, which provides eligible people with access to hearing services such as hearing assessments, subsidised hearing aids and aftercare services.

For more information or to book a hearing test, visit www.specsavers.com.au/hearing. Alternatively contact Specsavers on (03) 9314 4788

Hearing Checklist:

If you experience any of the following tell-tale signs, you may benefit from expert advice from a free 15-minute hearing check at Specsavers:

  1. Do you have the TV or radio turned up louder?
  2. Do you find telephone conversations hard work?
  3. Do you ask people to repeat things?
  4. Do you have difficulty following conversations in groups of people?
  5. Has someone suggested you might not be hearing as well as you used to?